Saturday, 14 April 2012

Friday 13th - unlucky for some

I don't think I am particularly superstitious.  Yesterday was Friday 13th April and whilst at the day job I found out historically Fridays and the number 13 were not linked.  They both seen as unlucky in their own right.

As for me, I have been blessed and lucky by the crafting situations that have taken place so far in 2012.  When talking via social media I have been able to get back in touch with an ex colleague. She is really nice and has become an avid knitter.  So when I posted some of my beaded stitch markers she loved them.

Back to Friday 13th, my ex colleague has become my first online customer.  It has also put my website worries to rest.  I don't think I have mentioned that I am building the site myself, learning html along the way.  So I would say that was lucky.

I had a good night out with some lovely people and met some new people.  A bloke who makes his own gluten free pasta was my highlight oh, and the birthday girl liked her gift.  I think I have been lucky to meet some really nice like minded who share being creative.

Friday, 6 April 2012

A Good Friday

Happy holidays everyone.

I arranged to meet up with a crafting friend and go to a little knitting shop in North London called Nest.

My friend had told me about this shop before Christmas and fell in love with it instantly.  The shop stocks lots of beautiful yarns like Malabrigo, Rico, Drops, and Natural Dye Studio.  They stock many other brands with something to suit everyone's pocket.

I didn't realise it was a knitting group day so we decided we would gatecrash or attend.  I've had my heart set on some Drops Alpaca Silk for a project I want to start and got the colour I wanted, hooray.  I also got some red bias binding and Eucalan.

Then some of the regulars started arrive and everyone was nice.  I even got some compliments about my Holden Shawlette. I have been very good and only took my socks to knit. Again people liked the yarn I used for my socks.

Sometimes you can forget there are nice people and retailers in the world but Amy and her husband are lovely, friendly people.  They also serve lovely tea and cake.  I would recommend this shop to any discerning yarn buyers to visit.

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

A colourful year

Three weeks ago I read another blog entitled Mellow Yellow by a really nice lady who designs beautiful sock patterns.  As I replied to Coop knit's tweet I never imagined how important colour would become this year. 

Some of the nice people who I knit with came up with the idea of "The year of colour".  Originally it was supposed to be just the craft of knitting but has now become multi crafts where each month a new handmade item will be created in that month's colour.

April's colour is yellow and some lovely yellow yarn has been purchased and cast on.  Wanting to be different I decided to make a sewn item or a piece of jewellery, then a light bulb came on in my head. I looked through my stash of yarn, beads & material and remembered the mass of yellow material I bought over ten years ago and just can't throw away.  This purse has a small amount of my yellow material to line it.

Saol Photography

I had already started piecing together some Amy Butler material squares that I had won on Ebay.

The idea was to frame the squares with yellow material and then cut another piece to then make a cushion.  Tonight I have managed to get the first half of the April yellow cushion put together.

I will blog once the cushion is finished and hopefully I will be able to share that talents of the people who spend their time with me. As I yawn and think about going to sleep I remember my sexy vesty tank top.  This was the first adult garment I ever finished knitting & it fits me.